2nd GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions Conference

Četvrtak, 23. travanj 2009.

The Royal Institute of Navigation, London, UK, and the Institute of Engineering Surveying and Space Geodesy, University of Nottingham, UK are delighted to announce the 2nd GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions Conference to be held on 2 - 5 September 2009 at Corinthia Hotel, Baška, Krk Island, Croatia.

This four-day event aims to gather GNSS experts and focuses on GNSS problems and vulnerabilities, as well as on developments aiming to improve the accuracy and reliability of GNSS. The unique environment of Baska and its natural resources and rich history, combined with friendly hospitality will again create an inspiring atmosphere for ideas and knowledge exchange.

Three special sessions will be organised to address particular causes of GNSS vulnerabilities:

• Space Weather and Ionospheric Effects on GNSS,
• Safety Critical Applications (concerning primarily air and marine navigation procedures, and
SAR operations), and
• GNSS for sustainable transport.
In addition to these, the Conference will address other causes of GNSS vulnerabilities and solutions to these,
• Navigation algorithms
• Core GNSS system vulnerabilities
• GNSS augmentation system vulnerabilities
• GNSS interference and management
• Multipath management
• Design of user equipment
• System integration issues related to vulnerability
• User experience - applications