The Institute of Transport and Communications

  • is the leading scientific, research and professional organisation in Croatia. It co-operates with similar organisations in other countries. It is active in scientific and research work, professional, i.e. forecasting, planning and consulting services regarding transportation including railway, road, maritime, river, air and combined transport.
  • Since having been founded in the current form, the Institute has realised more than 80 projects, some of which in co-operation with similar institutions of other countries.
  • About 70 planners, engineers of various profiles and economists, ranging in the degrees of education from university graduates, masters and doctors of science, to auxiliary staff participate in the activities of the Institute.
  • The Institute of Transport and Communications is legally and financially an autonomous organisation and completely independent of the parent companies and is also free from all production and supply interests.
  • The services offered by the Institute of Transport and Communications in the area of consulting and planning cover transportation planning, economics, engineering, administration, management, education and financing. If required, the Institute may also offer a wider range of services.